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Who we are

We are here for kids who will be active in the world
We offer the school where kids can find their own dreams and make progress, because we want you to be successful at work without worrying about childcare too much.
We always try to meet your expectation and desires such as “I want to leave my child somewhere safe and go to work”
“I want a school that has wonderful place as well as people and my kids would be excited to talk about what happen at Ayume” and “I want an environment where my kids will be bigger than I would ever imagined as a person.”.



Program of Ayume


Our belief is having programs that has been thought over and over to learn and even have fun. As a result, kids would involve in any learning processes which we call real learning.
We, Ayume and our kids always pursue the real learning together through the programs we have such as programming, English and so forth.


Ayume is pursuing program.

We grow kids’ ability to survive in the future. Ayume is innovative and new afterschool which is different from the usual ones. Our purpose is find the seed of dreams and challenge ourselves to make progress step by step toward the dream.


For the children who is going to be bigger than you would ever imagine

We have a system to see kids individually. We carefully choose its staff. All the staff has taken training. From hiring to personnel training, we pay attention to personality and one’s interests in education. we have staff having awareness of responsibility for your kids.


Whom to recommend

Mothers who have 1st to 6th grades.
Mother working later than 8pm.
Mother looking for afterschool where you can leave kids with trusts.
Mother who want kids to learn much.
Mother who wish to kids growing up to be able to socialize and talk in front of many people.


Ayume opens till 10:00pm

Ayume opens till 11:00pm, because we don’t want you to worry about if you are late picking kids up, even if you worked late.


 We stick to the facility focusing on education, eating habit and dreams.

Ayume is going to expand all over the world so that we can connect and learn from each other and different continent.

We have many opportunities to grow, even if kids faced difficulties.


A day in Ayume

2:30pm Ice break, Leadership (Today’s Thanks) Homework
3:45pm Reading oceans extensive reading
4:00pm right brain game, what if game
4:45pm MINORU YUMEDOU imagination, creativity & communication
6:20pm CODE programming
7:00pm Dinner
7:40pm Fun time(Free time)



Apply for the personnel interview
Contact us
HP: http://ayume.jp       mail:info@ayume.jp

Number of people each schools: capacity 40 people

  • each dates has different capacity. Please ask us
subject for Ayume    :1st grades〜6th grades
Admission period :anytime
*if left time was short such as the case that a kid was 6th grade and in the last semester, we recommend you to consider about that carefully.
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